Joy in Serving Jesus

There is joy, joy,
Joy in serving Jesus,
Joy that throbs within my heart;
Ev’ry moment, ev’ry hour,
As I draw upon His pow’r
There is joy, joy,
Joy that never shall depart.

By: Oswald Smith

I may have lost my joy, or simply misplaced it for a short period of time.  I wonder if many other people have too?  It seems as if this time of year more people act unhappy.  I realize happiness and joy are two different things.  I am happy, but I can’t seem to find joy.  Every time I think about it I think of the above song.

I feel like in the last few months I have been a little tied to the house.  I feel like I can’t get out there and serve Jesus.  Then I remind myself, I am serving Jesus every day, all day when I am serving my HP, my BP, and temporarily my MP.  I don’t have to leave the house to serve Jesus.  I need to see every ‘chore’ as an act of service for you, for God.

I need to stop worrying about ‘feeling’ and start serving.  Serve where ever I am, and joy will come.




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