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The other night I asked my MP what she wanted me to make her for her birthday.  Her answer: ABC chicken. My thought: (A)lready (B)een (C)hewed Chicken? I shook my head to clear it and said, ‘Excuse me?’.  MP laughed and said, ‘I mean 1-2-3 Chicken’.  Again I was confused. ‘The one with  mushrooms?’, I asked.  ‘No, no no, you have so many chicken recipes I can’t keep them all straight.’  Oh, boy.  I thought having 14 weeks of different recipes was a good idea, but not when people can’t remember which one they like best!

**I don’t have a ABC Chicken recipe, but I do have a 1-2-3 Chicken recipe that is really good.  Here is the link to it – ->


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