Remembering TWC

TWC was my brother’s brother-in-law. I considered him my brother-in-law too. TWC made me laugh, always. He was fun to be around, he made me think. Just like I want to make other people think.

TWC inspired me to write my master’s thesis on bipolar disorder. The more I wrote the more I realized TWC had it hard, very hard. No one knows when it started, or why. I think it was after his snowboarding accident. It may or may not have been. I just know, after that accident, he was different. In good and bad ways. He was more passionate for God. Or maybe I noticed it more. He was more vocal about things that bothered him. Some saw that as a bad thing, but I envied him that new-found trait.

TWC died a month ago. When I heard, I regretted that I had not asked about him just the night before. I had seen J&S and I was going to ask, but I didn’t. At this moment I still don’t know how he died. I wish I did. Does it really matter? No. I just wish I did. I’ll miss him.

I didn’t know him very well, but I’ll miss hearing how he is doing. I’ll miss seeing him when he comes to the states. I’ll miss listening to the silly things he bought. He always went clothes shopping when he came here. And he would buy gum, and other treats to bring back to his friends. I’m going to have a hard time remembering not to ask about him. It had become a habit to do so every so often.

I even named my GPS after him. I call it: TWC the Tom, Tom…

TWC’s death is a painful (but needed) reminder to seek out family and friends more. To love more. To be more.  But, most of all, live for Christ more.


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