Precious Mommy Moment

**I first wrote this a month or so ago.  Last night was a repeat and therefore I am posting this as a reminder to myself.

Last night was a rough night. BP hasn’t slept well in over a week. I truly can’t remember what hours she got up last night. I just remember the last time, I was so frustrated with her. HP needed to sleep and it was late (early – I don’t know). I decided to take BP downstairs and let her play. When I arrived downstairs I just sat on the couch. I placed BP next to me. She wiggled around for about half a minute. Then the moment came. She tucked her little hand around my arm snuggled in and fell fast asleep. We weren’t even downstairs for 3 minutes before she fell asleep. I was reminded once again, my precious little one just wants to be loved. To be held, to be touched. Mostly she wants to be with someone. And isn’t that what we all want?

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